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Terms and Conditions

No smoking within the building
A Deposit of – $185.00 is due upon signing the contract ($85 Non-Refundable). 

A deposit fee of $100.00 will be returned within 14 days after the event if there is NO breakage, damage, loss of building contents, unlocked doors, or additional expenses incurred due to the event (see checklist). If breakage, damage, loss, or additional expenses incurred exceeds $185.00 the undersigned agrees to reimburse The Aspen Room for the cost or repair and /or clean-up within ten (5) calendar-days from the event. The $185.00 security deposit is non-refundable, if the event is canceled. Up to One (1) keycode will be assigned a minimum 20 minutes prior to the event for building access and is considered part of deposit. 120 Chairs and 19  Tables are provided with the rental.  The charge for each additional hour if gone over during the event is $176.00/hr. additional time is measured in one fourth of an hour increments, regardless of actual time used. The Minimum charge for additional time is one-half hour, or $88. The charge for additional hours is due the day of the event in order to get the regular hourly rate. The rental fee must be paid in-full no later than thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled event and is not refundable. The charge for additional hours is due before the event. 

Cancellation Policy
1. If the reservation is canceled less than 30 days in advance of the event date, the entire rental fee will be forfeited. If no rental fee has been paid, the cancellation fee shall be the amount of the security deposit. Recurring rentals must provide 7-days advance written notice of a cancellation or the rental fee will be forfeited.

2. Cancellation of your reservation by The Aspen Room will occur if: 

a . The application is found to contain false or misleading information. 

b. The proposed use would be detrimental to the health, safety, general welfare, or efficient operation of the Hall facility. 

c. Should any individual, group, member, or guest willfully or through gross negligence, mistreat the staff, equipment, facility, or violate state or local ordinance.

d. Failure to make rental payment within minimum times provided.

e. If Applicant defaults on or has not completed all conditions and requirements for use of the facility. f. If the facility is needed for emergency use. 

g. Circumstances arising from natural disasters, power outage, or other unusual situations.

h. Failure to obtain required permits.

I. failure to provide necessary security, and/or age-verification of anyone consuming alcohol beverages at The Aspen Room. 

3 . The Aspen Room shall not be liable to Applicant for damages in excess of the Rental Amount for any cancellation or breach by The Aspen Room. 

4. No deposits will be refunded, if you do not provide written notice of cancellations at least 30 days before the scheduled event and are approved by The Aspen Room 

1. At the discretion of facilities staff, facility users may be required to secure extra trash dumpsters for larger events. For example, an extra trash dumpster is required for crab feeds. Dumpsters may be rented from Bleeker Boxes (telephone: (928-526-1455) with 30 days notice.

2. Because people tend to “get out for air” during large gatherings and may leave debris behind, it is suggested that all applicants assign someone to check cleanup outside of The Aspen Room. A cleaning fee may be charged if outside cleanup is necessary. Minimum clean-up fee is $100. 

3. The Applicant is liable for any damage at the event, including the replacement or repair of any fixtures, furniture, wall, or equipment. The Security Deposit paid by your group is for cleaning, damage, unscheduled time and overtime and is a refundable deposit if all conditions are met. Each group is REQUIRED to do the following: 

a. All tables and chairs used by a group must be left clean and in tack. This includes removing all decorations, tape, and table coverings and cleaning of. 

1. 120 chairs and 20 tables (10 round, 10 rectangular) 

2 . $50 per chair if damaged 

3. $225 per table if damaged 

b. All decorations must be removed and properly discarded. The use of thumb tacks, staples, nails, glue, or similar hardware or materials to hang decorations is strictly prohibited. 

c. A note for WEDDING RECEPTIONS–rice or birdseed cannot be thrown inside The Aspen Room or outside on the premises. 

d. If the kitchen is used, the refrigerators, microwave, sinks, grill and countertops must be left clean 

e. Recycling bins for aluminum, glass, plastic, and paper are available at the Dumpster sites. We strongly encourage recycling. 

4. The Security Deposit is refundable if the facility is left in order and there are no Unscheduled/Overtime charges, or damage occurred as determined by the Facilities Manager. Damages may be assessed after the group has left and the facility is being cleaned. Signing out of the facility does not guarantee a full refund. Any unused Security Deposit shall be refunded within 14 days after the event. 

Fire Safety Rules
1. All decorative materials shall be made from a non-flammable material or be treated and maintained in a flame-retardant condition by means of a flame retardant solution or process. Fire Department approval may be required. Decorations are not allowed in the lobbies or otherwise outside of the rented area. Table use in a lobby/outside must be approved.

2. All exit doors shall be unlocked and shall not be obstructed by any means. 

3. The number of persons in The Aspen Hall shall not exceed that number which is posted designating occupant load. Room occupancy levels are listed in the venue. 200 max people

4. No open flame devices, including candles, are to be used in any assembly area (SternoTM is OK when used for catering). State Law prohibits smoking within 20 feet of public entrances.

The attached Rules and Regulations are incorporated herein by this reference and made a part of this Rental Application and Agreement. Renter represents and warrants that all of the information provided by Renter in this Application is true and correct, and has read, understands, and will comply with The Aspen Room Rules attached to this Application. If an individual is authorized to sign this Application on behalf of the organization. The individual signing the Rental Application and Agreement personally guarantees the obligations of the organization or group using the Hall. 

Payment in FULL is needed 30 days prior to the event (unless otherwise authorized) 

Will NOT stay over the time allowed

No Damages to facility

No Smoking Inside. The Aspen Room is a smoke free-facility 

No Exceeding number of people allowed. ( The Aspen Room does NOT provide security for your event)

You are responsible for obtaining adequate security, and ensuring your guests safety at the event 

No pins, tacks, nails or damaging tape will be used anywhere in the facility

No open Flames (Food Sternos ok) 

I Will LOCK the front and back doors before leaving the premises

The room must be clean of all belongings and trash before you leave. (sweep and empty trash, broom and dustpan provided)

Alcohol at any event held at The Aspen Room is the responsibility of the Renting Applicant. Including but not limited to, necessary security, and/or age-verification of anyone consuming alcoholic beverages at The Aspen Room

I understand the above terms and conditions and agree to abide by them. 

If any of the above are in poor condition due to tenant mistreatment or neglect, the tenants in possession should expect a contract violation and lose the deposit refund of $100 due to breach of contract and will obtain an additional bill for any additional Incidentals. The final room check will be made on these items but will not be limited to the above list. 

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